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AFHL Spring Camp Information

RED DEER - As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, the Alberta Female Hockey League is taking additional measures to protect our staff and the hockey community. Moving forward through this together, there are a couple of key items important to note for those athletes looking to play for U18 AAA AFHL Programs:

Spring Camps: Spring Camps for ALL (U15 AA, U18 AA, and U18 AAA) AFHL levels and divisions will be effectively cancelled for 2020. Athletes will have the opportunity to gather information about programs during this time, however no formal evaluations will occur until tryouts for the 2020-2021 season can begin.

Recruitment Period: 

  • Coaches of U18 AAA Programs may begin conversations with prospective players about the 2020-2021 season on/after April 1.
    • Prospective players include any female Alberta resident whose birth years are 2003, 2004 or 2005.
    • Any 2006 born athlete is required to complete the “Player Acceleration Process” prior to July 1.
    • Any 2003 or 2004 born athlete who competed at the U18 (Midget) AAA level during the 2019-2020 must have completed the Elite Waiver Form from their last registered AAA team prior to engaging in conversations with other AAA programs.
  • U15 AA and U18 AA programs are still bound by recruitment areas that dictate an athlete’s first tryout. If there are extenuating circumstances that require families to request a change to their first tryout, they must complete the Elite Player Movement Application by July 1. For more information on “extenuating circumstances” and the process, please visit the Application Page.
  • In-person contact is not advised at this time and social distancing is highly encouraged. All individuals (coaches, players and parents) should follow government and federal instructions around COVID-19 pandemic protocols.
  • AFHL Programs are encouraged to use brochures, websites, and even teleconferencing to showcase and promote their programs. 

 Signing Period: 

  • The Early Signing Period for U18 AAA programs begins on June 15 and is open until August 15.
  • In order for a Player Agreement to be considered valid, all signatures must be present on the document and it must be submitted by the Association to Hockey Alberta directly.
  • Players eligible to sign player agreements are 2003, 2004 and 2005 born athletes.
  • Players 2003 and 2004 born players who competed at the U18 AAA level during the 2019-2020 season remain with that U18 AAA Club for the 2020-2021 season unless they have a completed Elite Waiver from their last registered team.
  • Should a 2003 or 2004 born player who competed at the U18 AAA level during the 2019-2020 wish to play for an opposing club for the 2020-2021 season, they need to have completed an Elite Waiver Form prior to having conversations with other coaches.

Please take all precautions to stay safe. Follow the directions of local, provincial and federal health and government authorities, as we work together with fellow Albertans, and citizens across the country, to help resolve this situation. More information about Government of Alberta protocols and recommendations can be found here.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we continue to work through these uncharted waters.

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FAQs for the 2020-21 Season

RED DEER - While there is some uncertainty regarding the 2020-21 season, the AFHL is remaining optimistic that the hockey season will begin as scheduled, and is working to stay as prepared as possible for when a decision is made by Hockey Canada’s Board of Directors, in conjunction with public health officials. Check out our FAQs to ensure that you are prepared for a return to hockey:

What is the AFHL/Alberta Female Hockey League?

The Alberta Female Hockey League (AFHL) is home to 30 teams at the U18 AAA, U18 AA, and U15 AA levels, providing a competitive platform for young aspiring female athletes to enhance their skills. A collection of 12 host associations around the province are committed to the growth and development of AAA and AA female hockey. The member associations include: Airdrie, Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Leduc, Lethbridge, Lloydminster, Okotoks, Olds, and Red Deer. Through dedicated staff and volunteers, the AFHL offers opportunities for female athletes to receive mentorship, off-ice education sessions, female specific coaching, post-secondary exposure opportunities, academic & billet programs, and a competitive skill development atmosphere.

Since its inception in the 2016-17 season, the winner of the Esso Cup (Canada’s female U18 AAA national championship) has come out of the AFHL, as the St. Albert Slash have become champions over the past three seasons consecutively. 

If you have questions about Alberta Female Hockey League operations, please check out our resources page or contact your local minor hockey association.


St. Albert



Red Deer




U15 & U18 AA North

U15 & U18 AA South

Grande Prairie

Red Deer

St. Albert



Calgary Red

Sherwood Park

Calgary White






What does the League Schedule look like?

The U18 AAA Division teams play a 30-game regular season schedule that consists of playing each opponent six times throughout the season; three home and three away.

The U18 and U15 AA Division teams play a 26-game regular season schedule. Each AA Division has been separated into two conferences based on geographical location: North and South. Each team will play their Conference opponents four times, two home and two away, resulting in 20 conference games. Additionally, the remaining six games will be out of conference play with each team playing each other once. Teams in the “AA” Division will participate in “Crossover Weekends” throughout the season to help ease travel for the out of conference games.

How do I know what Draw Zone/Recruitment Area I am in?

While U18 AAA operates without boundaries or draw zones, players interested in playing U18 AA or U15 AA are expected to access their first tryout with their Recruitment Area Team. The Recruitment Area team that a player is eligible for depends on your Resident Minor Hockey Association (not the one the player was last registered with). The breakdown of Recruitment Area Teams can be found below:

Recruitment Areas >

Can a player access a U18 or U15 AA try out elsewhere?

U18 AA and U15 AA players are expected to access their first try out within the area that has been identified by the Female Elite Hockey Model for their Resident LMHA. However, if extenuating circumstances warrant a move, a player may use the Elite Player Movement Application process to move to access a program outside of their identified area. Elite Player Movement Forms must be completed and submitted by July 1st.                      

Elite Player Movement Application >

Who can sign a Player Agreement Form?

A Player Agreement Form is for players selected to play for a U18 AAA, U18 AA, or U15 AA Team within the AFHL. All “AAA” and “AA” players must sign a Player Agreement Form prior to the start of the regular season. Underage players are not eligible to sign a Player Agreement Form without gaining approval through the Player Acceleration Process.

By signing this document, the player is agreeing to register and play for that specific Member Club for the upcoming season. This document is viewed as binding and it is the expectation of both parties, the player, and the Member Club, to uphold their portion of the agreement.

Can I sign a Player Agreement Form prior to the start of the season? 

Each “AAA” Member Club can formally sign up to six players (five skaters and one goaltender) to early Player Agreements between June 15 to August 15th. This is done through the completion of the Player Agreement Form, signed by both parties. “Commitments” made without a written agreement are considered “verbal” and can be viewed as non-binding by either party. Players who have not signed a Player Agreement prior to the beginning of the season are encouraged to attend multiple tryout camps to keep all their options open.

If I played AAA last year but would like to play for a different AAA team this upcoming season, is there something I need to do before I change teams?

If a player signed a Player Agreement and was registered with a AAA team for the 2019/2020 season and would like to play for another AAA team for the 2020/2021 season, the family will need to request an Elite Waiver from the Previous Registered Team. The signed waiver, complete with rationale must be submitted to the Female Elite Hockey Committee prior to the start of tryouts.

What is an elite waiver?

An Elite Waiver is used for two different purposes in the Female Elite Hockey Model;

  • Players who played “AAA” last season and would like to tryout/sign with another AAA club are required to have a completed Elite Wavier prior to the start of Tryouts.
  • A player who is cut from a U18 AAA, U18 AA or U15 AA team and wishes to pursue the opportunity to try out with a second team. The player would need a completed Elite Waiver from the association that released them from the tryout process. A family would appeal to the Female Elite Hockey Committee by providing the Committee with a competed “Notification of Tryout Form” and Elite Waiver Form. The Female Elite Hockey Committee will review the application and provide the family with their second tryout option.

Elite Waiver Form >

Do I have a choice of a second tryout?

At the “AAA” level, yes. The family and the player may choose a second team to try out for. This information needs to be submitted, alongside the Elite Waiver to the Female Elite Hockey Committee prior to moving onto your second tryout.

At the AA Level, no. The Female Elite Hockey Committee works with all the Member Teams during tryouts to understand if there is a need at a certain position (not enough defense at tryouts, no goaltender) amongst the teams. While travel is a consideration in the decision, the Female Elite Hockey Committee will offer a second tryout option that would give the player the best opportunity to make a team. To be placed for your second tryout, please contact the appropriate Division Director with a completed Notification of Tryout and Elite Waiver from your first tryout.

When do tryouts begin?

The actual start date for tryouts may differ across associations, please ensure you are connecting with that association/team to find the proper dates.

Due to COVID-19, tryout dates will be posted when the Hockey Canada Board of Directors, in conjunction with public health officials, deems it safe to resume sanctioned activities.

Do I need any paperwork to attend a tryout?

All players trying out for a “AAA” or “AA” team that is outside their Resident Minor Hockey Association needs to have a completed Notification of Tryout Form signed by their Resident MHA.


Is there a deadline to hand in my Notification of Tryout Form?

Notification of Tryout Forms need to be handed into the association players are accessing their first tryout with prior to the start of tryouts. “AAA” Players who prefer their second tryout can state their second tryout directly onto the NTO form.

Do I have to find a billet if I move away from home?

Each Female Elite Hockey Member Association has a billet program in place. They can assist you in finding a billet home while you play hockey. Fees may differ across associations and should be discussed with the Member MHA.

How much does this cost a year?

Each program is different (amount of ice, travel, team apparel etc). The association you would be able to give your family a more accurate breakdown of the financial obligations.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Female Elite Hockey Committee

Female Elite Hockey Chair
Graham Lewis

Female Elite Hockey Vice Chair
Randy Laumbach

U18 AAA Director
Jason Reynolds

U18 AA Director
Stacey Wilton

U15 AA Director
Lise Cote

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AFHL sees six athletes invited to National Women’s Team Summer Camps

CALGARY - Three current AFHL athletes, along with three alumna are among the 109 female athletes invited to the BFL Canada National Women’s Development Team and National Women’s Under-18 team summer camps.

Hockey Canada has announced a pool of 109 of the country’s top young players invited to participate in a pair of virtual camps with Canada’s National Women’s Program.

Goaltender Sophie Lajeunesse (Calgary Fire Midget AAA), blueliner Dayle Ross (St. Albert Slash Midget AAA), and forward Kyle Perry (Red Deer Midget AAA Sutter Fund Chiefs) will attend the BFL National Women’s Under-18 Team Summer Camp. Ross was part of St. Albert’s Esso Cup-winning team in 2019.

Sarah Wozniewicz, who played for the Olds U15 AA Grizzlys in 2016-17 will also take part in the U18 Summer Camp. Wozniewicz is one of three players who won a silver medal with Team Canada at the 2020 IIHF U18 Women’s Championship.

As the virtual meetings progress through the summer, the athletes will cover topics that include at-home strength and conditioning plans, mental performance plans and check-ins, nutrition, dry-land skills, skating simulations, team-building activities, short-term international competition preparation and meetings with coaches.

The online sessions will take place up to twice weekly, with critical information being communicated to athletes to allow them to continue to evolve as high-performance athletes in this new environment, and will utilize the strengths and experience of Canada’s National Women’s Program leadership to help connect one-on-one, athlete-to-athlete.

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AFHL unveils new logo for 2020-21 season and beyond

RED DEER - The Alberta Female Hockey League (AFHL) has unveiled a new logo that will be used for the 2020-21 season and beyond.

"We are incredibly proud of the direction  that the AFHL has taken elite female hockey in Alberta over the last four seasons," said Kendall Newell, Manager of Female Hockey. "Our new logo represents the bright future that we envision for our league and players."

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AFHL Newsletter: Season Wrap-Up


While there is some uncertainty regarding the 2020-21 season, the AFHL is remaining optimistic that the hockey season will begin as scheduled, and is working to stay as prepared as possible for when a decision is made by Hockey Canada’s Board of Directors, in conjunction with public health officials. Check out our FAQs to ensure that you are prepared for a return to hockey. FAQ >


The Alberta Female Hockey League is proud to present the expanding list of over 40 athletes who will be suiting up for post-secondary teams next season. FULL LIST >


Spring Camps for ALL (U15 AA, U18 AA, and U18 AAA) AFHL levels and divisions will be effectively cancelled for 2020. Athletes will have the opportunity to gather information about programs during this time, however no formal evaluations will occur until tryouts for the 2020-2021 season can begin. MORE INFO >


The Alberta Female Hockey League is pleased to announce the 2019-20 league award and scholarship winners. Four awards are handed out in each league: Most Valuable Player, Top Goaltender, Top Rookie, and Coach of the Year. One award is also given for the AFHL Administrator of the Year. RECIPIENTS >


The AFHL would like to recognize and congratulate the graduating players from the 2019-20 season. FULL LIST >

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AFHL Players Committed to Post-Secondary Institutions for 2020-21 Season

RED DEER - The Alberta Female Hockey League is proud to present the expanding list of over 40 athletes who will be suiting up for post-secondary teams next season.

The list includes:

  • 8 players from the Midget Elite Division
  • 23 players heading to U Sports
  • 16 players heading to ACAC

AFHL players have committed to the following post-secondary institutions for the 2020-21 season:

Calgary Fire AAA Emma Neff  Defence University of Lethbridge
Calgary Fire AAA Sierra LaPlante  Defence University of British Columbia
Calgary Fire AAA McKenna Bolger  Defence University of Saskatchewan
Calgary Fire AAA Grace Crooks Forward Grant MacEwan
Calgary Fire AAA Madeleine Noonan Forward Red Deer College
 Calgary Fire AAA Dylan Norrie Forward Red Deer College
 Calgary Fire AAA Rebecca Boswell Goalie SAIT
Calgary Fire Red Elite Katie Maloney Defence Plymouth State University
Edmonton Pandas AAA Megan Long Defence University of Regina
Edmonton Pandas AAA Alex Black Defence Red Deer College
Edmonton Pandas AAA Natalie Buttle Forward Red Deer College
Edmonton Pandas AAA  Chloe Reid Forward Trinity Western University
Edmonton Pandas AAA Payton Basterash  Forward NAIT
Edmonton Pandas AAA Elise Hugens  Goalie University of British Columbia
Lloydminster Steelers AAA Jadynn Morden Defence University of Alberta
Lloydminster Steelers AAA Alexandria Spence  Defence Mount Royal University
Lloydminster Steelers AAA  Jacelyn Scott  Defence Trinity Western University
Lloydminster Steelers AAA  Hayleigh Craig Forward University of Alberta
Lloydminster Steelers AAA  Bryn Pollard Forward Red Deer College
Lloydminster Elite Steelers Ali Macaulay Defence Olds College
North Central Impact Elite  Hailey Cruickshank Defence NAIT
North Central Impact Elite Tessa Knisely Forward Olds College
North Central Impact Elite Reegan Broadbent Forward Olds College
Red Deer Sutter Fund Chiefs AAA Aryn Chambers Defence Grant MacEwan
Red Deer Sutter Fund Chiefs AAA Julie Wagner Defence Red Deer College
Red Deer Sutter Fund Chiefs AAA Kyla Hansel Defence Red Deer College
Red Deer Sutter Fund Chiefs AAA Monica Bowtell Forward Red Deer College
Red Deer Sutter Fund Chiefs AAA Robyn Grant Forward Plymouth State University
Red Deer Sutter Fund Chiefs AAA Stephanie Keeper Forward McGill University
Red Deer Sutter Fund Chiefs AAA Elizabeth Campbell Goalie Olds College
Red Deer Sutter Fund Chiefs Elite Sydney Jack Forward Olds College
Rocky Mountain Raiders AAA Alesha Santos Defence Red Deer College
Rocky Mountain Raiders AAA  Sydney Trotter  Defence Mount Royal University
Rocky Mountain Raiders AAA  Sydney Benko Forward Mount Royal University 
Rocky Mountain Raiders AAA Kaia Borbandy Forward Mount Royal University
Sherwood Park Fury Elite Tayler Premak Forward NAIT
Sherwood Park Fury Elite Alex Walsh Forward  Red Deer College
St. Albert Slash AAA Kelsey Hall Forward University of Saskatchewan
St. Albert Slash AAA Allison Reich Forward University of Alberta
St. Albert Slash AAA Jaden Bogden Forward Clarkson University
St. Albert Slash AAA Brooklyn Schroeder Forward Grant MacEwan
St. Albert Slash AAA Holly Borrett Goalie University of Windsor
St. Albert Sharks Elite Jorja Werenka Defence Olds College

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AFHL announces 2019-20 award and scholarship winners

RED DEER – The Alberta Female Hockey League is pleased to announce the 2019-20 league award and scholarship winners.

Four awards are handed out in each league: Most Valuable Player, Top Goaltender, Top Rookie, and Coach of the Year. One award is also given for the AFHL Administrator of the Year.

Bantam Elite

Most Valuable Player: Chloe Goofers, North Central Impact
Top Goaltender: Jorja Fisher, Calgary Fire Red
Top Rookie: Chloe Goofers, North Central Impact 
Coach of the Year: Annette Jensen, Sherwood Park Royals

Midget Elite

Most Valuable Player: Kendal Pierson, Southern Express
Top Goaltender: Cienna Kinghorn, Calgary Fire White
Top Rookie: Kendal Pierson, Southern Express
Coach of the Year: James King, Southern Express

Midget AAA

Most Valuable Player: Kaia Borbandy, Rocky Mountain Raiders
Top Goaltender: Elise Hugens, Edmonton Pandas
Top Rookie: Cassidy Rhodes, St. Albert Slash
Coach of the Year: Dustin Borbandy, Rocky Mountain Raiders

Administrator of the Year

AFHL Administrator of the Year: Dan Basterash, Edmonton Female Athletic Club

AFHL Scholarship Winners

Midget Elite: Alex Walsh, Sherwood Park Fury

Alex was born in Fort Saskatchewan, and has grown into a graduating player from the SPKAC Midget Elite Fury. After playing with the Fury for the past three seasons, her plan is to play hockey at the post secondary level. Alex has been offered two scholarships but is still yet to commit. She credits her coaches, among others, who have supported her throughout her hockey journey.


Midget AAA: Alesha Santos, Rocky Mountain Raiders 

Alesha Santos is a graduating defenseman from the Midget AAA Rocky Mountain Raiders, and currently lives in Calgary. Other than playing Ice Hockey, Alesha also plays Field Hockey for her High School team. Some of her most notable achievements include being a two time Ice Hockey Provincial Champion (2016-2017 Bantam Elite Fire White, 2017-2018 Midget Elite Fire White), receiving two MVP Awards for Field Hockey (2018 season, 2019 season), and being a consistent Honour Roll student. Playing hockey has also given her many volunteer opportunities which included volunteering at Tudor Manor Seniors Home, and mentoring young female hockey players. When she’s not playing sports, Alesha enjoys spending time with her family and friends. In the Fall, Alesha will be playing for the Red Deer College Queens Hockey team while pursuing a Nursing Degree.


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AFHL recognizes and congratulates graduating players

RED DEER - The AFHL would like to recognize and congratulate the graduating Midget players from the 2019-20 season.

Airdrie Lightning Midget Elite

Name Position
Kayla Bell Defence
Jolin Bischke Defence
Jennifer Johnson  Defence
Rachel Selent Forward

Calgary Fire Midget AAA

Name Position
McKenna Bolger Defence
Rebecca Boswell Goalie
Grace Crooks Forward
Sierra LaPlante Defence
Emma Neff Defence
Madeleine Noonan Forward
Dylan Noorie Forward
Emily Straw Forward

Calgary Fire Red Midget Elite

Name Position
Katie Maloney Defence
Skye Mathew Forward
Caitlin Watson Forward
Teah Workman Defence

Calgary Fire White Midget Elite

Name Position
Meghan Dean Forward
Alessandra Imperato Defence
Cameron Krupa Forward
Marlee Oczkowski Forward
Rachelle Plum Forward
Mila Preville Forward
Madison Shenfield Goalie

Edmonton Pandas Midget AAA

 Name Position
Payton Basterash Forward
 Alexandra Black Defence
 Natalie Buttle Forward
 Elise Hugens Goalie
 Megan Long Defence
Chloe Reid Forward

Edmonton Pandas Midget Elite

Name Position
Jordanna Hayne Defence
Victoria Lindsay Defence
Alexandra Wilson Forward

Lloydminster Steelers Midget AAA

Name Position
Hayleigh Craig Forward
Molly Mitchell Goalie
Jadynn Morden Defence
Bryn Pollard Forward
Jade Sandberg Forward
Jacelyn Scott Defence
Alexandria Spence Defence
Ryann Welch Forward

Lloydminster Midget Elite Steelers

Name Position
Shelby Lane Forward
Ali Macaulay Defence
Jerika Pashniak Forward
Elyssa Selte Defence

North Central Impact Midget Elite

Name Position
Havana Batke Goalie
Reegan Broadbent Forward
Hailey Cruickshank Defence
Tessa Knisely Forward
Brooke Warner Defence

Red Deer Sutter Fund Chiefs Midget AAA

Name Position
Monica Bowtell Forward
Elizabeth Campbell Goalie
Aryn Chambers Defence
Robyn Grant Forward
Kyla Hansel Defence
Stephanie Keeper Forward
Julie Wagner Defence
Taylor Wilkinson Forward

Red Deer Sutter Fund Chiefs Midget Elite

Name Position
Haylee Coutts Forward
Paige Dodd Forward
Elizabeth Fonda Forward
Sarah Gette Defence
Sydney Jack Forward
Elizabeth Thomas Forward
Robyn Wlad Forward

Rocky Mountain Raiders Midget AAA

Name Position
Sydney Benko Forward
Kaia Borbandy Forward
Alesha Santos Defence
Sydney Trotter Defence

Rocky Mountain Raiders Midget Elite

Name Position
Taryn Borbely Defence
Kaia Gron Defence
Shaye Parkinson Forward

Sherwood Park Fury

Name Position
Julie Jeske Forward
Tayler Premak Forward
Alex Walsh Forward

Southern Express Midget Elite

Name Position
Brookelyn King Defence
Kennedy King Forward
Madison King Forward

St. Albert Slash Midget AAA

Name Position
Jaden Bogden Forward
Holly Borrett Goalie
Kelsey Hall Forward
Allison Reich Forward
Brooklyn Schroeder Forward

St. Albert Sharks Midget Elite

Name Position
Elle Harapchuk Forward
Jorja Werenka  Defence

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COVID-19 Update - Hockey Canada Statement

The following is a statement on behalf of Hockey Canada from Tom Renney, chief executive officer, and Scott Smith, president and chief operating officer, on the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“Without question, this an unprecedented period of difficulty for the sports world. The health and safety of all participants in sport, including players, coaches, staff, officials, fans, family, volunteers and the general public, is of the utmost importance to Hockey Canada.

After much consultation with the Hockey Canada membership, our chief medical officer and public health officials, the Hockey Canada Board of Directors has made the decision to cancel all Hockey Canada-sanctioned activities*, including our national championships, until further notice, effective Friday, March 13, 2020.

We recognize the tremendous effort that has been put forth all year by individuals across the country as they participate in Canada’s game. Although it is difficult to process the hockey season ending abruptly, we feel this is the best course of action in order to do our part in keeping our country safe.”

*Hockey Canada-sanctioned activities include all Hockey Alberta-sanctioned activities. This means that all Hockey Alberta league games, playoffs, practices, camps and Provincial, Regional and National Championships are cancelled at the Minor, Female, Junior, Senior and Sledge levels.

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AFHL Newsletter: February Edition



The St. Albert Slash (Midget AAA), Calgary Fire Red (Midget Elite), and Calgary Fire White (Bantam Elite) all lead their respective divisions as we get to the end of the season. BANTAM ELITE STANDINGS > | MIDGET ELITE STANDINGS > | MIDGET AAA STANDINGS >


This two-day camp at Winsport Arena in Calgary on June 20-21 will feature four on ice session and four off ice sessions geared toward elite goaltenders and focus on techniques, tactics and how to excel at the highest level. The deadline to apply is March 6. APPLICATION >


Photos from the AFHL’s Bantam Elite Showcase are now available from LA Media.  GALLERY >


It was a thrilling finish at the 2020 Alberta Winter Games in Airdrie on February 17, with Zone 4 defeating Zone 3 in overtime to win the gold medal. RECAP >


The Alberta Female Hockey League annually present four scholarships, valuing $1,500 each. These scholarships will be awarded to the student athletes who best exemplify the values of the AFHL; academics, athletics, and personal growth. Two players, a coach, and an official who plan to attend post-secondary during the 2020-2021 academic year, will receive the scholarships. APPLY NOW >


- Bantam Elite Playoffs begin: February 28 - Playoff Formats >

- Midget Elite Playoffs begin: March 6

- Hockey Alberta Provincial Championships: March 19-22 (Bantam Elite, Midget AAA), March 26-29 (Midget Elite) - List of Provincial Hosts >

- Midget AAA Pacific Regional Championship - April 3-5

- 2020 Esso Cup in Prince Albert, SK: April 19-25

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